The family of Zac Easter is hopeful that bringing attention to the harmful effects of traumatic brain injuries will help save lives.  Zac was only 24-years old when he killed himself in December 2015 and left a note explaining how he suffered as a result of numerous head injuries.  He experienced at least seven concussions, most of which occurred while playing high school football in Indianola.  He noted speech, vision, and memory problems, severe headaches, and problems with balance by his early twenties.  Zac kept personal journals chronicaling his mental and physical problems and noted his desire for people to understand CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) that results from repeated head trauma.  The physician who discovered the existence of CTE confirmed that Zac did indeed suffer from CTE. Zac's family is honoring his memory by making his entries public in order to educate people on the seriousness of CTE.  They are also heavily involved in trying to encourage legislation that would make high school football safer by requiring sideline medical providers.  They have also started a foundation, CTE Hope, to raise money for sideline concussion test research.

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