A motorcycle rider died in an accident at 9th Street and Hickman Road just before 6:00 a.m. yesterday, August 28, 2013. The rider had no helmet, but the driver of the SUV allegedly made an improper turn. No names have been disclosed.

There are things the rider’s relatives must do to preserve the estate claim. Watch our video and read the 30 Things You Should Do To Preserve Your Wrongful Death Accident Case, about preserving your wrongful death claim. (See the video in the box above!)

Update: The rider is Nicholas Otto, 57 of Urbandale. The other driver is Katherine Bloch, 51 of Polk City. The point of impact between the two was the rear passenger door of the SUV. Neither alcohol nor excessive speeds are being identified as probable causes. If neither speed nor alcohol were involved then the only likely cause being identified will be the improper turn by the SUV driver. All investigations are subject to modification at a later date so it’s imperative to take all of this with a grain of salt until the final investigation reports are published.

See the video and story at Motorcyclist not wearing helmet killed in collision Nicholas Otto hit the passenger door of a turning SUV. Des Moines Register.

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