Be Careful Of Insurance Adjusters After An AccidentInsurance Adjusters Are Only Fishing To See How They Can Deny Your Claim.

After you've been in a car accident or motorcycle crash, the insurance adjusters are loking for just one excuse. Any excuse will do. Just one mispoken word and he or she will deny your accident or work injury claim in the blink of an eye. You may wonder why this is and you might actually doubt what I am saying. You have that right. But just keep reading before you judge. Because you may be wrong.

Why Do Insurance Adjusters Deny Claims?

Insurance companies are corporations. Corporations exist to make a profit. Your claim is a liability and liabilities subtract, not add, to the bottom line. This means if the adjuster can deny your claim then he or she adds to the insurance companies' profits.

Premiums come in, paid-claims go out. Premiums are profit when not paid as a claim.

All The Insurance Adjusters Needs Is One Excuse.

The adjuster doesn’t need two reasons to deny a claim. Just one. Give them one that is legal and they can and will deny your claim. Denying claims is not about writing the encyclopedia of the law of insurance. One simple misstatement and your claim will get denied.

What Makes Up An Accident Claim?

Any accident claim is made up of three parts. The first is liability and the second relates to damages. Liability is about what the other person did wrong. Damages are about what is wrong with you, how you were hurt and what it costs to get you back to square-one. The third part is about comparative fault. Fault, meaning your fault. 

In Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accidents Liability Is All About The Rules Of The Road.

Who did what, when, how and why? People who do not understand the “rules of the road”, do not understand how to make clear what the at-fault drivers did wrong. And, when giving a recorded statement they get lost in a story and often say things that makes them look like they caused the accident. This is a where several of many mistakes are made. Before we, your lawyers, allow our clients to give a recorded statement, we review the facts, the law and the issues that make your claim legitimate and one that will not be denied. We teach you how to testify in a clear and concise manner. 

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