Are you one of the 172,180 people to help me buy the perfect kid’s Christmas gift?

How would you like to give some child the best “toy” imaginable?

How about if that toy was so safe I could guarantee you it would have no melamine?

What if it were a gift that a child would remember for the rest of his or her life time?

Would that do it for you?

Join “Operation Christmas Calls for the Troops” and add to the 5,820 cards that have so far been donated. For as little as $18.00 you could donate a card. That’s fewer than three packs of cigarettes, a bottle of wine or three gin and tonics.

The choices are $18.00 for one card, $36.00 for two cards, $90.00 for five cards, $180.00 for 10 cards, $450.00 for 25 cards or $900.00 for 50 cards.

There are 178,000 American troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. That means we are short 172,180 calling cards. Can you help? Yes you can. Will you help? Come on dig down deep.

If I take the 172,180 divided by 5 calling card commitments I need 3,444 $900.00 commitments. But how about buying 2 at $36.00? Come on you Wall Street Zillionaires who raped the bonus system while you flushed our 401K plans down the toilet. Where are you cheap skates? Sign up and make some kids happy.

I challenge my colleagues at the InjuryBoard to join me. Sign up, then send me a comment and we will move closer to making over 180,000 children happy.


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