Iowa Worker RightsConservative supporters in Texas, vote one way, and expect exactly the opposite. 

In the coming months, conservative voters who are also homeowners in the path of Texas’ Hurricane Harvey will be getting what they voted for. With less than 20% of those affected by Hurricane Harvey buying flood insurance, it means that 80% are without insurance coverage to rebuild. Many are ruined financially, some are now homeless and a whole lot or them are without a job. But if we act like they vote, via Senator Cruz, then why should we care?


Isn’t it ironic that in Trump Country where Senator Cruz voted "NO" to New Jersey, we find thousands now yelling about wanting and needing a government handout? It was just a month ago these same people were yelling about those other lousy bums wanting government support for health insurance. Now we hear 80% of homeowners in the Houston area are asking for a handout. And they see nothing wrong with this.

Expectations are irrational.


The theory of “I’m not the same as them!” and “It applies to the other guy!” is about to fall on deaf ears. This month we will hear about Hurricane handouts for Texans who built in a known flood zone and never bought the insurance – followed by next month those same people complaining about expanded Medicaid and government debt levels.

Ironic isn’t it? Or is the word hypocrites?

You can't have it all. Choose, 1. Infrastructure bill. 2. The Mexican wall. 3. FEMA relief. 4. ADA's expanded Medicare. 5. Social Security. 6. Military spending. To try and do it all is reckless. And this President is just that. Not very bright, sneaky, greedy, egotistical and reckless.


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