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Harvest Time is Busiest Time for Grain Bin Accidents

The most reccnt grain bin accident that resulted in death on August 27th in Farnhamville, Iowa, is a sad reminder that harvest time is the riskiest time for these types of accidents.

Bret Steck, husband and father of two young children was the most recent victim of a grain bin accident. Early on August 27, 2015, Bret went into the grain bin for routine cleaning and was quickly engulfed in soybeans. This grain bin was owned by Farmers Cooperative Co. in Calhoun County, Iowa.

Emergency responders and firefighters worked together to remove Bret from the bin. The investigation is ongoing.

Firefighters train for this type of accident in hopes that they can get to the victim quickly and extract them from the grain. It appears that Bret was too far under the grain for a positive outcome for this rescue.

Lombardi Law Firm has represented families in these types of accidents. If you need help with an accident such as this, please call us.

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