With weather conditions deteriorating into winter ice and snow drivers seem rusty with winter driving skills. In checking the fatality reports in Iowa I ran across three that appear to be weather related; although I may be mistaken.

Out of the three the one that involves a non-fault driver is the Newton-McQueen accident on D25 half a mile from U.S. 69 in Hamilton County. The eastbound driver, Shannon McQueen has the westbound car come across the center line crashes into her. Let’s assume the weather is bad and that is part of what makes the other driver, the at-fault driver cross the center line. That fact, the icy road conditions, means very little when it comes to determining fault. You see Ms. McQueen has the exact same conditions and she maintains control over her car. So what is the difference? Probably speed, lookout and what the law refers to as driving using due care. If you experience bad weather your options remain the same, but your choices should be different than when you’re on dry pavement. Slow down, pay more attention to the driving surface and when cars approach really slow down and get over. If you don’t make those choices you can end up in an accident or worse.

To read the Iowa State Patrol Accident Report on the McQueen-Newton Car Accident Fatality follow this link

Steve Lombardi
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