Tesla has had its share of recent bad news due to crashes caused by faults with its autopilot system.  Although Tesla has stated that the issue is not with the system but with the users failing to properly maintian control of the car even when on autopilot, there are other concerns that may come about as the autopilot systems in vehicles advance technologically.  Recently Chinese researchers have confirmed that hackers may be able to break into the autopilot systems and make the system believe that obstacles are not actually present, causing crashes.  This could lead to an increase in crashes and fatalities associated with Tesla's autopilot system in the future.  While the system is touted as a way to prevent crashes and promote safer driving, with other car makers likely to follow suit with adding a similar system in the future, technology comes with its downsides and hacking is one of those that presents a real threat.  Drivers with autopilot systems should not ignore these concerns as technology becomes more sophisticated and the potential for crashes may not decrease as much as the manufacturers wish to believe.

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