Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Sparked by Granola

Early Bird Foods, a small granola company in Brooklyn New York, launched a new product in Spring 2015 named "Haulin' Oats."  Daryl Hall and John Oates of "Hall and Oates" fame took notice and and sued Early Bird for trademark and service mark infringement.  Hall and Oates in fact already owned the trademark for the name "Haulin' Oats" and sold it to another food producer under their Whole Oats Enterprises company.  An attorney not participating in the case says Hall and Oates are sure to win under the circumstances.  With many celebrities creating restaurants, foods, and brand name items, it is easy to confuse products when someone tries to make an association with a celebrity without permission and that is clearly similar or the same as a brand name already trademarked.  Early Bird made few public comments, but re-named the offending product "Kiss My Oats."

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