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Data Center Injured Workers Law CenterThe Lombardi Law Firm has several clients who were injured on the job, while working as construction workers at one of the data centers. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. The drug testing policies are no-nonsense, the pay rate better than most and the work steady.

If you are injured on the job call us for advice on how not to screw up your case. We are good at what we do, have been doing it for over thirty-five years and understand workers’ compensation. We take pride in giving straight advice. The laws have changed and they are not favorable to injured workers.

The data center businesses all got big financial incentives, but the workers essentially get nothing. So while Big Data owners got richer, you won’t. Watch how you vote, because you might just get what you asked for.

Now here is the Business Record news article.

"IEDA board to consider incentives for possible Apple Inc. data center in Waukee

By Kent Darr | Senior Staff Writer

A year-long rumor about a data center project to trump all such developments in Greater Des Moines could get some public acknowledgment Thursday, when the Iowa Economic Development Authority board meets at 10:15 a.m. to consider what it calls an "application for investment" from Apple Inc.
The project could be destined for a portion of 3,500 acres of land that Waukee recently annexed. However, the development rumor mill has been rampant with word of a mystery company that could launch a project that would keep a generation's worth of construction workers busy in Waukee, even if the final employment levels were the 100 or fewer workers who land full-time employment in the data centers.
Landowners who agreed to have their property annexed into the city include a Native American school district based in Oklahoma as well as family farmers, many of whom are aging out of the business and have few heirs ready to take over the farm operations.
The rough boundaries of the annexed land are 10th Street on the east, County Highway R 16 on the west, 280th Street on the north and 300th Street on the south. It is bisected by Hickman Road.
LIttle information about the Apple project was available this morning from the Iowa Economic Development Authority or the city of Waukee. Waukee Mayor Bill Peard could not be reached to comment.
Apple, which has flooded the market with a range of data-hungry iPads, iPhones and services that are based on its iCloud service, would join Facebook and Microsoft with data farms dedicated to their products in Greater Des Moines. Apple would be the newcomer. The company owns data centers in Oregon, North Carolina, California and Nevada."

The data center businesses all got big financial incentives to come to Iowa, but the injured workers are paying for those incentives with employers and the work. comp. insurers asking them to get paid less after they are injured. So while Big Data owners got richer, if they have their way, you won’t. Watch how you vote, because you might just get what you asked for. And if we can help you with your workers' compensation claim give us a call. 515-222-1110

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