A judge dismissed the GM Ignition suit in New York last week, but at the request of the plaintiff. The problem, as I understand it, wasn’t about the engineering issue, but a partie's veracity. Veracity is a tendency to be believed or whether you can be impeached as a witness. When impeached it means you aren’t likely to be believed and therefore the case has a higher risk of being a bust. The reports were not very clear about who made the decision and this makes it nearly impossible to understand who decided not to move forward in the litigaion. I don't think anyone can predict the outcome of future GM ignition cases based on what happened in this case. 

GM Recall webpage link

If you have a GM ignition problem that has caused serious bodily injury or death in Iowa we are handling these cases with the help of lawyers in Michigan. You will likely need both Iowa and Michigan lawyers. We are happy to serve as Iowa counsel. 

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