This one is coming out right, Wednesday’s Star Tribune reports the two officers who Tased the 76-year-old parade participant over where the parade should end, were given their walking papers and told to take a hike. We reported earlier on this mess out of Glenrock, Wyoming and suggested deeper budget cuts that included the police chief and the county prosecutor.

The Bush Legacy Paraded in Wyoming: An Intolerant Police State, a new low for America. September 7, 2009.

Now if they kick the prosecutor and police chief out of office we can all have a parade.

Town officials announced the firing this morning in a press release.

"After considering all aspects of the unfortunate event which occurred after the parade during Deer Creek Days this year, the decision has appropriately been made that the two Glenrock police officers involved are relieved of duty," the statement read.

The officers, Sgt. Paul Brown and officer Mike Kavenius, can appeal the decision.

Star Tribune, Wyoming

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