Food Safety: Where can you read about Aspartame to decide if it's right for you?

Where can you look for answers to whether Aspartame is or is not safe?

What this all comes down to is a personal choice. The government for a long time believed saccharin was safe. They told us DDT was safe, it wasn't.  Sooner or later need to just decide and leave the arguing to history.

I'll collect a few of the websites both pro and con and let you do some reading to see on what side you want to be on.

PRO - I LOVE ASPARTAME I EAT IT RIGHT OUT OF THE PACKAGE! or - lays out the pro-argument and attempts to dispel urban legend about Aspartame. - is another pro-site with the latest and greatest information about why Aspartame is safe.  This site includes a "Scientific Library" for you to peruse. - This site includes news, FAQ, opinions, a library, links and an Aspartame Movie. The nice part of this site is it clearly and conspicuously tells you the Aspartame Information Service is provided by Ajinomoto, a producer of aspartame and supplier to well known food and drink makers.

CON - NO WAY AM I GOING TO EAT ANYTHING WITH ASPARTAME! - This site includes physician contributions, the history and all that supports the belief it's bad for you. - is as it says dedicated to proving to you that Aspartame will kill you. This site has a pretty good collection of video interviews and exposes'. - is a support group for those believing they have been victimized by eating Aspartame.

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