In previous posts I discussed whether Chinese government officials brought on the melamine crisis by ordering the increase of protein content in watered down milk and penalizing those who did not comply; without watching or knowing how it was being done. China

We will see how the six criminal trials proceed against those associated with introducing melamine into the food chain. Will these trials be just for show, with a slap on the wrist and will the defendants spend actual time in prison or will the government use them to blame and cover-up it's own mistakes?

The first is Zhang Yujun who sold melamine as "protein powder".

Chinese dairies will compensate some victims.

Twenty-two dairy producers will make a one-time cash payment to the victims' families, China's Dairy Industry Association announced, although it did not disclose an amount, the official Xinhua News agency said.

One way to show it's commitment to change is to release activist-dissident Liu Xiaobo.

So too has the Chinese government declined the invitation to discuss with the signatories of Charter 08 the merits of their proposal. Instead, it has detained two signatories, Liu Xiaobo and Zhang Zuhua, both of whom the government has identified as lead actors in its creation. Mr. Zhang has been released, but Mr. Liu, a prominent writer and intellectual, is still being held incommunicado without charge.




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