They contaminated an untold amount of baby formula. Enough baby formula to kill at least seven infants and sicken over 300,000 more. Thousands of children suffer from kidney stones and renal failure.  But only sixty people have been arrested or charged with crimes. And there is no indication if government officials are included in that group of individuals that are charged. And why not? Is the CCP protecting it's own at the expense of its people and the economy?

BEIJING (AP) — The Ministry of Public Security says police arrested 60 people last year in relation to China's tainted milk scandal.

The ministry's website said Friday 21 of those suspects have been prosecuted in Hebei province, home of Sanlu Group Co., the dairy at the heart of the scandal.

Previously authorities announced 42 arrests.

A total of only sixty people in China have been arrested concerning the melamine contamination of baby formula.

Melamine Found in Infant Formula

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