The State of Florida got the nod from the Feds to turn trappers and bounty hunters loose in the Florida Everglades looking for the unnatural Burmese Python that can breed like a rabbit; 100 eggs at a time! The Burmese Python has no natural predator in the Florida Everglades, with the exception of the bounty hunters. Within minutes of arrival scientists and reporters visiting a place believed to be natural habitat witnessed a ten footer being caught.

The news reports indicate that pet owners have released the snakes and that a pet store ravaged by 1992 Hurricane Andrew had snakes escape into the wilds.

With the story several weeks ago about the two-year-old child being strangled by the parent’s pet Burmese Python, the Governor acted with dispatch to round up legislators and federal officials to begin the eradication.

I guess you could say the program has at least started out being a slithering success.

No Burmese Python was available for comment.


Steve Lombardi
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