Florida School Bus Hit and Killed a Pedestrian


In Palm Beach County, Tequesta, Florida, a pedestrian was hit by a school bus on Monday, October 5, 2009 at 7:15am, according to online news sources Justice News Flash. The bus was picking up Limestone Creek Elementary students when it made a left turn from Seabrook Road onto Tequesta, when Jerry Licklider, a 69 years old from Jupiter, walked in front of the bus, was hit and then pinned underneath the bus. Tequesta Fire Rescue got Licklider out from under the bus, and then Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crew brought him to St. Mary’s Medical Center. He later died from serious injuries. The bus had on it 20 students at the time of the accident, but were reported to have no injuries, and arrived safely to their school by another bus. I'm not sure that's a safe assumption. Young children seeing a pedestrian run over and then later learning he died could develop some very mixed up emotions and thinking. They could suffer from PTSD. Better check that out.


Tequesta police are investigating the pedestrian collision.

Steve Lombardi
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