Both are likely to step in a little bit of you-know-what when traipsing around Minnesota. There’s just no love in Minnesota for Javontae Holloway. We received two emails this week from Minnesota reporting repeated contacts from Javontae and his band of merry thieves. A man going by the name of Javontae Holloway is calling lawyers across the country trying to get GreenDot cards for unpaid rent. We also learned that in March a slightly different request, for adult diapers, was being pushed in Minnesota.

This week another scam came to us out of New York and I’ll report on that one soon. It involves defending a man charged with a drug-related crime who is desperate to make a guilty plea but needs help from a local lawyer who can make easy money. Check back in a week for more information on these types of scam.

Todd Miler and I share office space; he practices criminal law and handled that call. We’ve been thinking about the threads common to each scam and which lawyers are likely to be caught up in this web of lies. Generally the lawyers who do get caught in the scam will not report it for several reasons that include embarrassment of having acted foolishly and the fear of having committed an ethical violation.

And then I have to wonder about how serious is any crime that may have been committed?

Now think about it. The lawyers writing to me have not been damaged because they didn't fall for it. But those who did fall for it were acting unethically by paying his bills and they would be concerned about having violated the rules of ethics; so they won't come forward for obvious reasons. It's a great scam. The lawyers who fall for it are greedy and willing to cut corners. Those who don’t aren’t out any money. These guys use burner phones so proving who they called is nearly impossible; unless of course you have the information from the NSA and Ed Snowden. It is all very interesting to say the least. Let us get to our Minnesota brothers and sisters in the North County.


February 14, 2014 - Minneapolis, MN  55414

Steve, I just saw your website on the paraplegic scam, thought you would be interested in knowing we got that call last April.  They hung up on us when we would not send money.

Clearly the same people, the variation then was the money needed for adult diapers, not rent.

The Minnesota Association for Justice is spreading word of this scam.  Curious what they have ever received, presumably enough to keep at it.

And then this again from Minneapolis.

Got a call from "Javonte Holloway" on Monday. I can't believe I ever worried about this scammer. Never sent him anything.

I saw another lawyer in MN here talking about the same scenario on the listserv, asking if there were any lawsuit loan firms to refer the guy to who were not slime balls. So he's calling multiple law firms in MN. In any event, a waste of time and energy for several lawyers here as we tried to get this person some help.

And then from February 13, 2014 we had this email from Mississippi.

Comments: I practice in [purposefully left out] MS and got a call from Mr. Holloway yesterday. I explained that it was illegal to advance costs in MS. He asked me to drive down to Houma, LA to meet him after he talked with his landlord. I Googled his name and found your post this morning. I hope someone catches this guy. He should be indicted for wasting time … --- I am not a fan of mega stores like WalMart. Anyway, thanks for your blog.
We will stay on this trail so long as lawyers provide useful information.

So far here is the score card:

If you are contacted let us know so we can track the jackal as he moves from state-to-state.

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