I was sent the news item, One Dead, Two Injured In Crash Near Albia, which led me to check on the monthly reports of fatalities from car and truck accidents in Iowa during January and February, our traditional cold months. There are quite a few and they revolve around multiple driving mistakes including: failing to look both ways before leaving a stop sign, not stopping at a stop sign, negotiating a tight curve and believe it or not a motorcycle accident during February. Very odd that someone would be out on a motorcycle in Iowa during the coldest month of the year. The counties where these fatal accidents occurred include Calhoun, Warren, Madison, Monroe and Iowa. The ages of the victims are 90, 24, 23 and 87.

From what I was able to determine the at-fault drivers mistakes were as follows:

1. Not seeing a car coming and pulling directly into the path of an oncoming Trailblazer,

2. Losing control of the motorcycle and the driver crashed into the barrier on the Highway 5 Bypass. Both the driver and passenger were killed; It would appear the passenger’s estate would have a claim against the driver.

3. The driver with four teens in the car lost control ending up overturning in the ditch;

4. Another driver failed to properly negotiate a curve, lost control, went across the center line, then overcorrected, reentered the wrong lane, lost control again, re-entered the ditch and then vaulted over a driveway striking a tree and coming to rest on the roof of the van;

5. Stopping at a stop sign, then pulling out into the lane of an oncoming eighty-seven year old man who then drove into the Durango with the impact killing the elderly man;

6. And, almost the exact same accident happened at the intersection of N65 and Highway 20, with a 90 year old woman getting killed from the impact. The 90-year-old woman was the driver of the car who, according to the report, was the at-fault driver when she pulled out in front of a semi-truck.

These cars, trucks and motorcycle accidents can be simple or they can be quite complicated to investigate. Each accident may lead to a wrongful death lawsuit, or a workers’ compensation claim or both. Auto, motorcycle, health, life and disability insurance coverage’s are involved. Drivers and passengers will likely have claims for medical expense, wage loss, reduced earning capacity, pain, suffering, permanent disability, brain damage, organ damage and loss of life. We handle all of these types of claims for liability and for damages.

I point that out because those who have claims will not likely understand which type of lawyer to choose. They will not appreciate just how complicated it is to settle a case and then to deal with subrogation, liens and the employer benefit plans involved. (ERISA benefits) If a death is involved then there will be an estate, either to sue or to be sued.

We are dealing with several estate claims, brain damage cases, paraplegia, quadriplegia, incomplete quadriplegia, loss of limbs, surgical interventions and multiple soft tissue injuries.

And yes, it is a complicated legal world. If we can help you with your claim give Barbara a call and she will set up an appointment to discuss your case. As with every client there is no charge to just find out if you have a case, against whom and if we are interested in handling your case.

Our clients come from every walk of life and lately many of my referrals come from people I represented over the past twenty years. We look forward to helping you.

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