Ranbaxy Ltd., a pharmaceutical company, manufactures numerous drugs at its plant in Punjab, India.  These drugs are used worldwide, including in the United States, thus requiring FDA oversight of their process.  The FDA recently learned that workers at this particular plant had been altering test results to make it appear that certain materials and ingredients met FDA standards when they in fact did not.  The manufacturing facility was also in disrepair and unsanitary.  The FDA has since banned the use of any ingredient or drug manufactured in Ranbaxy's Punjab plant.  This will seriously hurt Ranbaxy's economic status as this plant manufactures a majority of the ingredients needed to produce the company's main pharmaceuticals.  The company holds a substantial place in the U.S. market for two certain drugs: 1) fenofibrate tablets - used to treat cholesterol issues, and 2) valacyclovir - used to treat shingles and genital herpes.  This ban by the FDA is not the first obstacle Ranbaxy has met regarding the integrity and quality of their manufacturing facilities.

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