The FDA has approved a new medical device that may be implanted into the arm of a drug user that will emit a low amount of drugs into their system and reduce drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  The drug, buprenorphine, is emitted by the implant device Probuphine and when implanted may provide relief for six months.  The manufacturer of the device, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, states the device would cost less than $6,000.00 for the six-month supply.  While the drug emitted by this device has been available in pill form, the advantage to the device is that drug users cannot skip doseages or sell their tablets and turn back to illegal narcotics for a drug fix.  This could be a significant breakthrough in the fight against opioid addiction that took 47,000 American lives in 2014 alone.  Scientific evidence indicates that "maitenance treatment" with these medications are more effective in the long run than forcing drug users to quit cold turkey and educating them on abstinence-only methods.

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