Nathaniel Harmes, a 15-year old boy, was driving his mother, Heather Binder, and two sisters through Alta, Iowa on February 13 when he drove over a railroad crossing and an oncoming train struck the vehicle.  The crossing did not have barrier arms, only lights and signals, which officials say were working properly on the day of the accident.  Heather and her son, Nathaniel Harms, survived the accident, but her two daughters, 2-year old Camille and 4-year old Chloe, died from their injuries.  Both girls were in car seats.  The citizens of Alta are demanding more safety devices be put in place to protect drivers from such severe crashes.  The mayor of the town, Ronald Neulieb, has contacted the Iowa Department of Transportation and is working to make the crossing safer.  This one of many fatal crashes that have occurred on railroad tracks in Iowa.

Remember to stop, look and listen whenever you approach railroad tracks. Be sure and then you will be safe. 

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