Two Killed in Accident Near Mississippi River Bridge in Scott County

Angela Quinn, 43, and Aaron Quinn, 47, both of Albia, were killed on Monday, May 9th in an accident that occurred around 3:18 pm. The accident occurred near a construction zone on Interstate 80 near the Mississippi River Bridge. Vehicles in the area were merging when a van crashed into a car and then an SUV. The SUV then collided with a truck. Angela and Aaron Quinn, both riding in the car, were pronounced dead at the scene. Christopher Roger, the 27-year-old van driver, was cited for failure to stop within assured safe distance.

Woman Dies in Montague County Accident

Chelsea Maria Cleveland, 26, of Bowie died Wednesday due to injuries she suffered in a car accident on May 10th. Danny Hunt, of Iowa Park, was exiting Star Travel Center in his semi turning east onto FM 174. A Jeep, driven by Cleveland, was traveling west on FM 174 and struck the semi head-on. Cleveland was transported to the United Regional Healthcare System where she succumbed to her injuries Wednesday afternoon.

Humboldt Man Killed in Crash

Derrick Wayne Peterson, 35, died in an accident that occurred around 8:56 a.m., May 10th. Peterson was driving his pickup truck on County Road C-54 near Virginia Avenue. Peterson suffered a medical condition, believed to have been a seizure, and lost control of the vehicle. The truck left the road, tore through a farmer’s fence, hit a couple of trees, and finally came to rest. Peterson was pronounced dead at the scene. A female passenger was transported to a local hospital where she was examined and released.

Attorney Lombardi’s Comments: The Quinn’s estates have claims against the driver and owner of the vehicle coming from the rear. The first question I would want answered is why didn’t the other driver stop, what was distracting him?

In the Cleveland accident one can’t really say from this squib who was at fault, but the Cleveland Estate may have a claim against the other driver for driving left of center. Hard to know without reading the Iowa State Patrol Technical Investigation report.

The Peterson accident looks like a collision with no one at fault.

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