I have written several blogs having to do with hydrogen sulfide and the effects it can have on farmers mostly. In in my office we come into contact with it through workers’ compensation and property claims in the agricultural industry, sometimes with sewer workers and seldom with cabling industry workers when lines are made a part of the underground piping system. Hydrogen sulfide fumes cause wrongful death claims mostly.

An ISU research team is researching the long-term neurological damage caused by hydrogen sulfide.

In 2002, two workers died in Des Moines after being overcome by hydrogen sulfide fumes as they worked on a sewer project. Any livestock farmer knows that if the ventilation fails in a hog confinement, both the pigs and any workers in the building are in danger of suffocating from the hydrogen sulfide that comes off decomposing manure in the pits below the hog slats.

Now, researchers at Iowa State University are investigating long-term neurological damage caused by hydrogen sulfide, which can also come from swamps and industrial processes.

Wilson Rumbeiha, a professor of veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine, said the poisonous gas affects the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and the brain.

We will be interested in what they find out from what should be very valuable research for farmers and others working in environments where hydrogen sulfide is present.

Follow this link to read about Professor Wilson Rumbeiha’s research at the veterinary research facility. 

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