My best guess is that Tyson Petersen, 22 is feeling like today or anytime soon may be the day for him to play the Iowa Lottery. Seems Mr. Petersen knows something about concentrating and owning his job. He’s a farmer or so he was acting as such a few Friday’s ago when the farm implement he was pulling behind a tractor ended up sitting on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. And why is he so luck? Well, because he got out of the tractor and walked away to talk about it.

Tractors have become sophisticated homey pieces of farm equipment. They have radios and CD players along with a sundry of other satellite and electronic controls. The cabs have been redesigned for sound proofing and comfort. It’s been great for the farmer. Farming has kept pace with satellite technology better than the auto industry. As good as all that is it can create distractions or be so sound proof that external risks can be missed. Hopefully he wasn’t wearing his iPod.

The John Deere Command View Cab

Big-Time Comfort and Convenience

CommandView Cab

Big-time comfort and convenience await you inside the John Deere CommandView Cab. The updated interior gives you extra room to stretch your legs. Plus, it's quieter than previous models.

Optional Leather-Trim Package

Add the optional leather-trim package and enjoy a heated leather John Deere ActiveSeat™ and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Command and Control

The exclusive CommandARM™ console places vital tractor controls at your fingertips. Its ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue.

CommandCenter LCD

An updated CommandCenter LCD screen lets you program and monitor more than 20 different tractor functions.

Train and Truck Collision

Be safe, be smart and be aware. Farming is a high risk occupation.

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