Two Ames construction workers died last Friday after falling three stories at a construction site of a newly constructed apartment building. WeAreIowa reported the story out of Campustown. Firefighters used ladders to get the second story roof and reported the two workers had fallen three stories; so they probably were working at the fifth floor level. [Redevelopment: 2300 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa]

KCCI, Second person dies in Ames construction accident, Vanessa Peng reporting

I have covered construction worker falls many times as we have been involved with this type of an accident from both workers’ compensation and construction site lawsuits involving wrongful death (personal injury). If you go the Lombardi Law Firm site and do a search for “fall arrest” or “fall protection” you read many of our articles posted. If you think about why OSHA and experts refer to this type of accident prevention as “fall arrest” or “fall protection” it should be pretty obvious that falls are pretty common in the construction industry. In other words, falls happening are a predictable event. When working at heights the idea is to both prevent someone from falling, but when they do fall to arrest their decent before they hit the ground; or in this case a roof.

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