Taking Advantage of Disability Benefits

A recent episode of 20/20 on ABC highlighted instances of fraud involving government and workers' compensation benefits.  The stories revealed a woman claimed a worker's compensation injury wherein she injured one of her toes to the extent that she was unable to bear weight and received a substantial settlement.  Sometime after that, investigators discovered the woman participating in a beauty pageant wearing platform heels and having no trouble walking.  She was arrested for insurance fraud.  Another woman similarly was arrested for fraud after investigators saw her limping into her doctor's office on more than one occasion, and then shortly thereafter was seen running and walking on high heels. 

It is common to find people who are willing to lie to gain benefits that are not warranted, but when it involves government insurance benefits or worker's compensation benefits, the consequences can be hefty.  Investigators are hired in many worker's compensation cases to "catch" those who are exaggerating their claims.  Posts on social media are monitored for similar examples of people participating in activities they claim they cannot participate in when it involves their case.

While there are instances of people exaggerating their injuries, the majority of injured people (whether covered under workers' compensation or otherwise) have legitimate injuries that negatively affect their daily lives and ability to engage in activities they were able to prior to the injury.  If you have a valid injury, then you have a valid claim and any investigation will confirm that fact.  Injured parties need only worry about getting caught if they truly have something to hide.

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