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October 1, 2010 - Hamilton County, Iowa - In this intersection collision on Second Street in Webster City, Iowa we have an accident due to one of the driver's not stopping for a stop sign. The result is one person died and several others were injured. The location is the intersection of D20 and R27 in Webster City, Iowa. A 2004 Chevrolet Venture Van driven by Mr. Arnold, 19 years-old and from Des Moines is driving northbound on Second Avenue and is approaching the intersection with D-20. In a 1993 Cadillac a 75-year-old driver, Larry Donahe from Webster City is heading in a westerly direction on D-20. From the police report the young driver failed to stop at the stop sign and t-boned the other car. It appears as though a passenger in the Donahe car was killed.

Now if you think about the mechanics of the crash, the Arnold car would collide with the driver's side of the Donahe car. Here is another way to look at the accident sequence: the Donahe Cadillac is coming to Arnold's right; assuming I'm correctly interpreting the ISP Crash report. If that's correct then even if this were an uncontrolled intersection Donahe has the right-of-way and Arnold must yield.

I've previously written about uncontrolled intersections which if you assume this is because you're unfamiliar with it then the car coming from the right still has the right-of-way. It's going to be a tough lesson for this young driver.


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