Question: Can I get compensation for experimental drug liver study damage?
Question Detail: I was a healthy patient in a liver experiment drug study. I had so many symptoms I quit the study because I was suffering. They had to cancel the entire study the day after because 7 participants had dangerous liver levels. I had many symptoms including those of liver damage. If they damaged my liver can I obtain compensation? My liver chemical levels were suppose to be under 40, and my levels were at 80 and 240 during their blood test and they kept wanting to give me more experimental drugs and won't let me stop. Other people kept taking drugs for two days although me and another girl had to stop.
Answer: No lawyer can answer this question without first knowing and researching the drug along with the documents you signed before being allowed to participate in this experimental drug treatment program. As part of the program you may qualify for fund benefits to address complications of taking the drug. You will need to sit down with a lawyer and provide more information. 

But let me ask a few simple, but very important questions.

  1. What drug was it?
  2. What was the dosage?
  3. How long did you take it?
  4. What condition was it being prescribed to treat?
  5. What were the written warnings you received?
  6. What did you sign and agree to?
  7. Which pharmaceutical company manufactured the drug?
  8. Which pharmaceutical company sold the drug?
  9. Which pharmaceutical company advertised and marketed the drug?
  10. What problems are you having?
  11. What were the expected side effects?
  12. Did you stop taking the drug after the side effects were noticed?

Resources: FDA Experimental Drugs

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