If you are terminated by your employer, there are many avenues under Iowa law that allow you to be eligible for unemployment benefits.  For example, if you are terminated for "misconduct" but the employer fails to prove that the supposed conduct was intentional, you are still eligible to receive benefits.  If you decide to enroll in a training program or course of study after you are terminated from employment, you may also be eligible to receive unemployment benefits even without continuing to search for work.  The training program or courses must be related to a certain type of industry, such as IT or biotechnology (among others).  In addition, if you are in a qualifying training program, you can also apply for an extension of the regular benefits, provided you meet certain qualifications as defined by Iowa statute.  One of the qualifications is that your termination was due to a permanent reduction of operations.  If your prior employer was in the process of cutting down its number of employees to cut costs and this reduction is permanent, then you may qualify for this extension program. Iowa employees that work for organizations run by Catholic Health Initiatives may be subject to termination for these reasons in January 2015.  Call us today if you have questions about your termination from employment and would like assistance in trying to obtain unemployment benefits.

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