Employer Tricks in Unemployment Benefit Cases

Katrina has been working the unemployment circuit pretty consistently and winning more than 98% of her cases. Together, we’ve been learning a lot about how this area of the law is being handled by the lawyers, supervisors and employer representatives. I have been observing how the employers and their lawyers act in these cases. One way they try to win is to bluff the employee to make them quit without even trying. They do this by serving a lot of paper. In today’s hearing they served the employee with over 100 pages of documents, most of it not even relevant to the issues. The idea was to make the employee think he had no chance of winning – so why try? It is a bluff. They try and confuse you and throw a ton of paperwork at you to make you believe you just can't win; when they know you can win. Today's employer’s lawyer was from Oklahoma. Not even licensed to practice law in Iowa. She wanted the employee to be a no-show. We showed. 

What if you don't show for the unemployment hearing? What then?

These no-show cases at the hearing are a lay down for employers. When employees allow themselves to be bluffed into believing they haven’t a chance in hell of winning they don’t show up for the hearing and then lose by default. If you don’t answer the phone then it is like not answering the bell in a prize fight. You lose by knock out, or in this instance, by TKO.

Get off your butt and fight!

Really - when you give up without a fight you aren’t just letting yourself down but your family, your wife or husband and your children. Give us a shot at helping you. It costs nothing to just call and talk with Katrina or I to find out if you have a fighting chance of winning. And we will work out a fee that is a win-win for you and for us. If we don’t win you won’t pay us even one slim dime.

That is a bargain you can't get at Trader Joe's!

I know what you are thinking. You have no money to pay us and why would lawyers take time out of their busy day to listen to you, after all weren’t you fired? Well of course you were but that is the point of unemployment benefits. It is only when you quit that you aren’t entitled and not every time even if you quit. So even if you quit call us to explore your options.

Don’t you hate to lose? I do! So does Katrina.

So do yourself and your family a favor and give Katrina or me a few minutes of your time to find out and to answer the question:

Do I have a chance in Hell of winning my unemployment benefit hearing?

Call Katrina and the Lombardi Law Firm.

And remember our new address is 5000 Westown Parkway, Suite 440, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266. We aren’t far from where we used to be located.  Steve Lombardi Our phone number hasn’t changed. 515-222-1110! Call Now!

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