After Chipotle seemed to have contained and ended its issues with E. coli contamination, another major restaurant chain, Pizza Ranch, has reported nine incidents of food poisoning caused by E. coli.  Each of the nine incidents occurred in different states: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  Only two victims were hospitalized for complications of kidney failure, but have since recovered and no deaths have been reported.  The source of contamination is still not certain, but the company believed it may be linked to the dessert pizzas and the dough mix used to make those.  The company immediately stopped use of the suspect dough mixes, but believe that the source of contamination is from an outside supplier rather than the restaurants themselves.  The company and outside collectors have run numerous tests on various products, with no results testing positive for the bacteria linked to this outbreak.  An investigation is ongoing, but Pizza Ranch reports that the last illness was reported on January 30, 2016 and they believe the outbreak is over.

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