Minors can easily order e-cigarettes online through manufacturer's websites that fail to put in proper safeguards to verify the age of the person ordering.  While 41 states have either enacted laws or are trying to enact laws prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, the FDA has not yet put final regulations in place regarding the sale of these products to minors.  Absent such regulations, internet vendors of e-cigarettes can easily sell to minors and bypass any age verification since there are no repercussions in place to motivate them to stop sales to minors.  Researchers in North Carolina conducted a study with teenagers and asked them to purchase e-cigarettes from 98 different online vendors; of the 98 attempted orders, 75 were successful.  Most of the vendors did not comply with the state's existing age-verification law.  Another loophole that allows easy access for minors is that while the most popular mail carriers do not allow the delivery of traditional cigarettes in most cases, there is no rule to prevent them from delivering e-cigarettes since federal laws do not touch this area as of yet.  Federal regulations that will control this area of the market will take years to implement.

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