While e-cigarettes were originally created as the "safer" alternative to traditional cigarettes, reports quickly surfaced negating these claims and highlighting the addictive nature of e-cigarettes.  There has also been controversy over use of e-cigarettes by minors.  But the latest news on these devices is unrelated to the typical nicotine-addiction warning - the devices have frequently been exploding unexpectedly.  There are numerous reports of people who have experienced severe injuries when they had an e-cigarette device in their pocket when it spontaneously explodes.  Footage has been caught of several of these traumatic incidents.  Some people have even been injured by a device owned by someone else that was standing nearby when it exploded.  So far no deaths have been reported. It is not clear the reason for these spontaneous explosions, but it is clear that the device manufacturers could be liable for the injuries caused and likely for a defect in the product.  Further investigation is necessary, but it is clear that e-cigarette manufacturers have to consider multiple dangers to its consumers.

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