Drunk Driving News for March 11, 2011

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Todd Miler who shares office space with me handles OWI cases in central Iowa. His availability to me has allowed me to watch how the law works to handle the criminal defense of these cases. I've been handling the PI side of drunken driving cases now for the better part of 30 years and they can be a challenge. The law is somewhat convoluted and patched together from a public policy trying to deter drinking and driving while trying not to compensate those who are drunk and driving. The estate claims and the dependent claims can proceed but with some restrictions. Of course after reading thousands of wrong-way driving news reports from all over the country the risks of drinking and driving are pretty telling. If I can answer your questions give me a call; otherwise here today are the news items for Iowa about OWI, drinking and driving or drunk driving as it's commonly referred to. Here are some stories for today. Contact information: [email protected] and 515-222-1110.

Today let's go with this one news item from the Omaha World-Herald. If you want to know how summary driver license revocation hearings can be read this story. Play this melancholy music to back you up and to put all of this in the right perspective. The artwork is rally intriguing but the collage is different to say the least. I would compare this to an operatic comic book of sorts.  


Building on DUI law
- Omaha World-Herald
Iowa and New Mexico both allow most first-time drunken drivers to use ... Jim Fell, a longtime administrator with the National Highway Traffic Safety ...


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