I've been away from the blog for about two weeks; frankly I've needed a break. BURN OUT! I'm going to stop The Edict, simply because writing and thinking so much about personal injury and what is wrong with the court system and how people drive is starting to get to me. As a lawyer having working in the trenches for 30+ years I've reached a point where whatever advise given has been given a thousand times and there is a point of seemingly no return. I'm there.

A Newton car accident resulting in the deaths of two teens has resulted in accusations of driving while impaired by marijuana. Two felony counts of vehicular homicide were filed by Jasper County prosecutors. Todd Miler, a criminal defense lawyer tells us vehicular homicide is a felony and can result in a 25-year-sentence. Driving while intoxicated, drunk or impaired can be the basis of a vehicular homicide case. In this case the two passengers were David Stattelman, 16 and Dakota Stattleman, 14, brothers from Newton High. The driver was reported to be 19-years old. The estates of those boys have a claim against the driver, assuming he has any auto insurance. So what length of a sentence can this young man expect? Just this week a Clinton woman was sentenced to 10-years in prison for her role in a car accident that killed her friend. The news report states she is 31-years-old and was the driver of a car involved in a 2007 crash that killed a passenger. Charge was reported to be operating while intoxicated. Passenger was Martha McClurg, accident was in Clinton County.

Contact info: 515-222-1110 or [email protected]. Have a good and safe weekend.  Signing off, Steve Lombardi with the Lombardi Law Firm.

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