Today we will discuss drunk driving and related civil lawsuits that can be brought - the dram shop claim. Lately we've seen a couple of really bad injury cases involving drinking and driving. The first is Officer Tran from the Des Moines PD. The answer to the question posed in the title is usually no, but you can be partially at fault. And for passengers if you've had a hand in the driver's drinking and know he or she is drunk then you are in the eye of the law guilty of complicity. Pedestrians can be also at fault due to failing to protect them by watching where they are going. Pedestrians do have some obligation to walk in crosswalks, to not walk out in front of traffic and to pay attention (due care). But in the instance below an officer working, in this case working traffic at the Iowa State Fair, will surely not be considered at fault. What I found of interest was the driver talking after the collision and pretty much admitting the case against him. It showed a lack of appreciating the consequences that will surely be put to him. 

Officer Tran from the Des Moines PD was moved to a care center this week. Drunken Drivers Keep Police Busy
Several were injured but they refused medical attention. ... READ MORE Iowa-based "Venuworks" has been associated with the building since 1997. ... 
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