The news always refers to them as “road fatalities” but really they are car crashes of various natures, some have to do with the road and others don’t. They do start off on the road but many have to do with driver distractions; distractions that cause a loss of control or making the wrong decisions while driving.

A couple of Wisconsin residents died when the van in which they were riding near Maquoketa lost control and rolled. The Des Moines Register reports no names have been released. (2 deaths)

Then near Burlington on Sunday another one-car collision and a loss of control as the man rolled and crashed on a gravel surface road near Fairfield. No seat belt apparently. (1 death)

The third collision involved the wrong decision probably from alcohol or a distraction that allowed the motorcycle driver to turn north on the southbound lanes of travel on Highway 380 a very new divided highway in Cedar Rapids. (1 died)

The fourth collision is with a tree. This again was a one-vehicle collision. (1 killed)

And lastly a driver turns left of center and collides head-on with a semi-truck. No explanation is given for moving across the center and none will be made as all the people in the car died. (2 died)

Distractions along with driving while under the influence of alcohol can kill you. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Put down the cell phone or get a Bluetooth or better yet make them wait, until you arrive to hear what you have to say.

Steve Lombardi
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