Today's blog is all about roadway safety and how negligence creeps into driving habits. We don't' have all the facts but my guess is human nature being what it is common sense will tell us more than most drivers' will admit to. Distractions in the driver's seat cause the driver not to pay attention to what is going on around them in traffic or on the roadway. Because you're getting away with it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doesn't mean Thursday won't be the day you cause a major accident. Allowing distractions to hamper your driving attention is like gambling and unless or until you have a near-miss most drivers won't wake up until it's too late. So do yourself a favor and put down the cell phone and pay attention to what you're doing.

Indianola, Iowa - A car crashed head-on into a Wal-Mart semi truck on Highway 92 when the SUV crossed over the center line. What distractions are going on that are causing so many head-on center line cross over crashes?

See KCCI report for map and photograph.

In Ankeny two children died following a three-vehicle crash last Thursday. The entire collision started when a pickup truck failed to stop for a stop sign. What distracted the driver causing him to run through the stop sign? Anyone who drives has experienced inattentive drivers busy text messaging or on a cell phone call and who isn't paying attention to their driving. I have no idea what this truck driver was doing or if he was on a cell phone. Maybe he wasn't and let's hope for his sake he wasn't. But this case demonstrates the severity of collision caused by simply going through a stop sign. To read more about this accident read the Register's story by following this link.

Two children die as a result of Thursday crash in Ankeny

Three-vehicle crash injures seven people

Update: Police I.D. those injured in Ankeny 3-car crash

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