Drivers who flee scene of accident may have something to hide or may just be scared

Here is an article that reports a man fleeing the scene of a car and truck accident in which one person died. Years ago I represented the estate of a woman that died from drowning after the car she was in overturned in a ditch filled with water. The driver ran from the scene and was later found at his home, where he denied being the driver. He reported that he’d been home drinking and showed up at the door with a beer can. His blood alcohol level was more than likely over the legal limit. Months later he admitted to being the driver, but the prosecution was unable to prove he was intoxicated at the time of the accident so he escaped a DUI and vehicular homicide. In any case in which the driver flees and this is the second one in the past several months, the question is always raised as to what motivated them to run from the scene where assistance is needed by those that are injured. Of course I’ve always wondered how they deal with that issue later in life. Does it bother them that a person who died may have needed their help and had they stayed it may have saved the person’s life. I wouldn’t want to live with that guilt. Who knows maybe they don’t’ care because of a defect in their moral upbringing or character development.

Today lawyers have a growing book of cases where cell phones and alcohol play a part in causing the accidents. A bad economy is one reason, but others include irresponsibility and the lack of character development. Young people panic and run for fear of ruining their lives, but frankly the deed has already been done and there is no going back or getting a do-over.

Officials say Wisconsin resident died in northeast Iowa collision; 1 driver flees scene

SAGEVILLE, Iowa — Authorities say they have arrested the driver of a pickup truck that fled after a deadly crash near Sageville in northeast Iowa.

The Dubuque County sheriff's office says 41-year-old Earl Hiland III, of Dubuque, was arrested Wednesday. He is being held on $11,000 bond.

Hiland is charged with leaving the scene of a fatality accident, failure to provide information and aid-leaving the scene of a personal injury accident and driving while license denied or revoked. No attorney information was available late Wednesday.

Investigators say Hiland's pickup crossed the center line on U.S. Highway 52 and hit an oncoming car driven by 28-year-old Casey Craugh, of Hazel Green, Wis. Craugh's car was then struck by van.

Craugh died at the scene. The van's driver, 42-year-old Jennifer Pape, of Sherrill, was hospitalized.

Man Killed in Dubuque County Crash

DUBUQUE COUNTY, Iowa - A man died after a multi-vehicle crash near Sageville, investigators said. The Dubuque County Sheriff's office said a Dodge Dakota pick-up crossed the center line and sideswiped a car, driven by Casey Craugh, 28, of Wisconsin. The crash happened around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 52, near Highway 386. The impact of the crash caused Craugh's car to slide. A van, driven by Jennifer Pape, 42, then crashed into Craugh's car. Craugh died at the scene. The collision rolled Pape's vehicle on its side, pinning her in the van. Responders extricated her and took her to the hospital. Her condition was not made immediately available. Investigators said the driver of the Dodge Dakota left the scene on foot. If you have any information about the driver, contact the Dubuque County Sheriff's Office.

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