Let's end this month with a simple message - think. Yes, simply think before acting.

Lawyers deal in the facts about car, truck, ATV, boat, truck, motorcycle, moped, pedestrian, skateboard and other types of roadway-street-avenue accidents than many people. We see it and we hear about it. We read about it and talk about it. We discuss it with Judges, juries, adjusters, other attorneys and clients. We see way too much of it. And so we know that like Tennessee's Governor talking to teens in that state, the same message applies to Iowa teens.

I've raised four teenagers all of whom drove and had accidents. I watch teenagers talking on the cell phone, texting and simply not paying attention. And that's the key, paying attention. You have to pay attention rather than try to do everything but pay attention to what is going on in traffic. It's irritating to other drivers for someone to be yakking on the phone, shaking their head back and forth, fully engaged in a conversation that makes it extremely obvious to those other drivers that you aren't paying attention.

Be safe, smart and protect yourself. Think before doing, so you can live another day to talk about it.

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