Many know how headlines like this drive me crazy because of how misleading they can be. Snow and ice don’t cause accidents; drivers do. Drivers who fail to slow down and drive according to the conditions and how that affects maintaining control of their car, truck or motorcycle.

So when a crash occurs like the one reported from Albia, Iowa where a 19-year-old Zach Murray is killed by the car he’s a passenger in, sliding sideways, crossing the center line and crashing into the oncoming Melissa Thompson from Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas; it isn’t the snow and ice that get blamed but the driver who was probably driving too fast for the conditions.  In this case more than likely Thompson and the Estate of Zachary Murray will have claims against the driver, Palen. Hopefully she has insurance to cover their damages.

This Ottumwa Courier and I have gone round and round about other litigation. How about getting the facts right?

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