Ahoy Mates, This past week the forklift driver Javontae Holloway was busy being turned into a paraplegic while working at WalMart with his FedEx truck in New York, then late in the week he switched over to California.

It seems more than a wee bit of a coincidence that on September 19th of all days Po Javontae would change his name to William Roberts. Ya did say Mr. Roberts didn't ya?

After all September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!. It tis that matey! So why would he chose this name of Mr. Roberts and on Talk Like A Pirate Day?

You will find the answer in the movie The Princess Bride. You see, in Princess Bride, Wesley took over for the Dread Pirate Roberts and last Friday being International Talk Like A Pirate Day it seemed fitting that he would try to steal from attorneys on that day while using the moniker Mr. Roberts! The scallywag!  Off to walk the plank!

I suspect this Bilge Rat is working for the American Tort Reform Association and they are assisting him with the story to steal from attorneys. Find a bunge hole and have a grog for me tonight! Toast ye ole Captain a good one! Avast Ya saved the ship for another day! 

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