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It is difficult to tell from this story whether the operator was an employee or an independent contractor when he is reported to have suffered a heart attack and his bulldozer went into a pond at a quarry near Fort Dodge, Iowa. The way the story is written it raises more question than provides answers.

  • 1. Who is the man?
  • 2. Who did he work for?
  • 3. If he had a heart attack while driving was it related to the work he was doing or did he just have a heart attack due to age related factors?
  • 4. Was he out in the heat without water or shade and had a heart attack due to physiological stress brought on by environmental factors related to the work?
  • 5. Was he a union laborer and if so for what union hall?
  • 6. The ultimate question is whether he qualifies for workers' compensation benefits.

The incident happened at the CertainTeed Corporation quarry at around 1:00 p.m. last Thursday, August 19, 2010. Story by KCRG-TV, 9 News, ABC. The spokesperson for CertainTeed is Mike Loughery.

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