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Should Des Moines pain doctor stand trial? Views vary

Baldi is seen as a savior by some, a danger by others, Des Moines Register, September 8, 2012

Unlike the characterization in the Des Moines Register Dr. Baldi is neither a savior nor a danger to the general public. He’s a doctor treating patients with a chronic condition (chronic pain) for which there is only medical judgment without any clear solution. There are few doctors who want these patients and his willingness to assist those with this incurable condition is a slippery slope to which there is no clear treatment plan.

As for whether or not he’s guilty of any criminal conduct, it would be wrong to draw any firm conclusions about Dr. Daniel Baldi’s actions before you hear all the evidence. It would be inappropriate to draw any conclusions from statements made by trial lawyers representing clients who are suing for money damages. Those lawyers will advocate for their clients with the idea of being rewarded with a larger settlement.

As was pointed out by one trial lawyer, a prescription for 120 pills, assuming that is the amount, although the article isn’t clear, could be a 30 day supply. It’s unfair to the process and especially to the accused to simply say the doctor gave out a prescription without more information about the patient’s condition, controls within the environment and patient’s history for responsible use of prescription medication.

I’ve represented injured clients for over 30 years and many have chronic pain. Their only relief and what gives them the ability to work and have some enjoyment out of life with a reduction of their pain are pain pills. Take that away from them and they’ll be out on the street buying from illicit drug dealers. Until you’ve walked in their shoes don’t judge the doctor or what may have happened that led to the death of anyone.

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It's too bad we patients who DO control our own med use and try our best to manage our pain can't file suit against whomever has been involved in bringing Dr. Baldi down. It's also a shame the prosecution team, investigators and even the judge can't carry one patient's pain for a day or two. It would change the whole view of this travesty of a trial. BTW, love your article.
by Paula Rother November 9, 2013 at 12:34 AM
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