Gary Boldt, 62 was driving a motor home nearing Verona, Wisconsin when a dog jumped into his lap. Startled, he lost control, drove across the median of U.S. Highway 151 and crashed head-on with an SUV being driven by John Seier, 55 and Travis Brune, 13 of LaMotte. Boldt is from Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

This would be considered negligence on the part of the driver or even a passenger. Controlling your pet while riding in a vehicle is the driver and owners responsibility. The nature of a dog being somewhat unpredictable does not excuse the driver. The duty to control your driving includes man’s best friend.

It's really pretty shocking how many things can go wrong while on the road that have nothing to do with you or your driving but can kille you anyways. This is one of those instances.

Steve Lombardi
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