​Last week I posted Breaking News: Hot off the Dysfunctional Press from the Lombardi Law Firm!

And that was preceded by Law Practice: The Paraplegic Scam and the story of Po Javontae and this came after we posted Breaking News: Javontae's paraplegic scam, moves from Iowa to California!

Well guess what? You guessed it; we are in a new location with FedEx and Walmart. Now we are in the Big Apple, good old New York City. Oh my I just got off the phone with a couple of trial lawyers readying to board a jet to pay the Mr. Jackson his rent money. Someone decided to check the Internet and came across the Lombardi Law Firm posts about our good old boy Javontae Holloway and his band of Gypsies who so far have been to Iowa, California, Spokane Washington, New Haven Connecticut and now New York, New York baby! He’s got the hottest wheelchair of any jet setting paraplegic that I’ve ever met.

CODE RED: A city or state in red means it was no-go for po po Javontae. Green means you sent the MoneyPak. So far no one has come forward to admit they got taken, but I'm going to bet there is someone who came before me who did send the Walgreen's GreenDot MoneyPak cards. Come on fess up I promise never to use your real name and put you to shame publicly. But someone somewhere in the good old USA has fallen victim to this scam. Who are you? I know you're at the corner of unhappy and unhealthy. No?

There is but one song we can play today for this devilish trio wheeling around the country scamming lawyers wherever they can find greed overcoming good old fashion rhyme and reason. Get out your harmonica’s boys we’re jamming with Bruce.

Devil Woman – Bruce Willis

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