Does the OnStar System Eliminate Stolen Cars and High Speed Chases?

Recently I covered a high speed chase on I-35 near Ames, Iowa. The driver of the car being chased by police crossed over the median strip and headed the wrong-way into oncoming southbound traffic. He ran head-on into a semi and died. The issue is one of the safety of non-offending drivers and their passengers. What if a mother and a kids’ soccer team in a van was struck head-on rather than a semi-truck? Then what?

Police Chase on I-35 in Iowa | Des Moines

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Watching what OnStar computer control systems can do to reduce and then eliminate the power to the engine it occurred to me this GPS system can pinpoint and then take away any means of escape for the offending driver while doing so in a completely safe manner.

Technology can be such a good thing. Watch this video of just such a demonstration.

Steve Lombardi
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