A man walks into a bar and said … All kidding aside this story is real except there is no "free stuff" so millennials should probably turn the page to shop on Amazon. A police officer responding to a call about a rowdy party walks into a 50th birthday party and the female participants go wild thinking he is the stripper they hired. Yeah, for real. He has to hightail it out of this social club. 

Police officer mistaken for stripper when checking in on wild party.

A man goes into a strip joint and he’s labeled a sexist pig. Some women do the same, and think nothing of it. How is this not a double standard? Will we see more sexual harassment cases in employment involving women as the one doing the harassing?  Tsk, tsk ladies.

Should lawyers in a sexual harrassment case ask potential jurors during voir dire if they have seen the movie Magic Mike? Is the movie MM a litmus test for a sexist female and the sign of a person who applies a double standard? Do as I say not as I do.

Trowbridge Neighborhood, England

But let’s say this summer; a new movie comes out called Magic Mikayla. It’s a movie about female strippers, starring Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski. In the weeks prior to its release, all the men start planning viewing parties, much like the multitude of Girl’s Nights Out for Magic Mike. In no uncertain terms, we talk endlessly about how pumped we are to see this movie. We cancel our dates so we can see this movie together and ogle Megan’s boobs for 110 minutes. You know how this scenario turns out, right? Our girlfriends will be annoyed that we’re going to see this with our gross, leering friends. They’ll wonder how we could watch this filth and beg us to stop talking about this dumb movie that objectifies women. Magic Mike And Feminism’s Double Standard, by Aaron Chang

You be the judge and you go figure it out because frankly this has little to do with my practice. But it does have to do with trial work. Should lawyers ask potential jurors during voir dire if they have seen the movie Magic Mike?

I'm saying yes.

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