Wind Turbine Worker Falls to His Death

Preventable is the one word that comes to mind when reading that Christopher Paulette fell from a wind turbine in rural Osceola County and landed 60 feet below. This work accident on Monday took the life of this NextEra Energy worker. Why hadn't he been wearing fall protection gear or if he had why had it not worked properly? What caused Mr. Paulette to fall? Falls such as this are preventable. There is no mention whether Mr. Paulette was a married man with dependents who should receive workers' compensation benefits. Under Iowa law a worker who dies from a work injury are entitled to receive benefits either for life or some other shorter period. Get legal advice is my suggestion. 

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  • Video of the MidAmerica wind farm in Cass County that powers 190,000 homes. $7,000 per year for 50 year leases for farmers who lease land to MidAmerica. 
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Steve Lombardi
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